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Effective Web Design requires a Plan, Focused Effort and Ongoing Maintenance.

Web Design Examples


Establishing an Internet Presence is an important business effort. Take the time to look around, ask questions, and be informed!
  • Choose your Domain Name carefully.  A name that relates to your company name and/or your products is most desirable.  For example, if your product is lawn care equipment, a name like "" would be a good choice.
  • Have a plan!
    • What do you want to accomplish on the Internet?
    • How do you want to manage your Internet Presence?
  • Know your Internet Service Provider, it's cost, service features and limitations.
  • Remember, high-tech is good.. to a point. The bleeding edge of technology can be just that.
  • Keep your message clear and to the point.
  • Small, fast-loading pages encourage visitors to stay... long, slow-loading pages encourage visitors to "move on".
  • Know your Webmaster.
    • If you are going to undertake your own web design and maintenance, be prepared to spend considerable time on the effort, be sure you understand the process and use a good Web Design tool set.
Please understand that the Internet is ONLY PART of a comprehensive Business Plan.
Remember Ongoing Support and Marketing

It's not enough to build a site. "Build it and they will come" may work in "Field of Dreams" but it isn't likely on the Internet.  

Update your site content regularly.  Keep it interesting and to the point.  Compose content that is most likely to energize those looking for your products and services to do business with you.

Search engines, Link engines and web Directory submissions are helpful.  Link exchanges can be an excellent way of gaining "link popularity".  Negotiate with associates, related businesses, suppliers and clients to exchange links between your site and theirs.  Remember to link ONLY with those you would trust with your business and treat them the same in return.
e-commerce - PCI (Payment Card Industry) Standard Compliant Services

For Business web sites, shopping cart and "Credit Card" (merchant accounts) processing are issues that needs further discussion. While it is easy enough to provide a "Form" presentation to the user to be completed as part of an order, the actual Card Validation, etc. is often a manual process.  Transaction processing is available through processing "gateways" (e.g. SAGE systems and Authorize Net) and PayPal can make sales processing managable.  These services will require an effort to integrate them into your "shopping cart solution" and there is a cost associated with these services.

We can recommend excellent providers for these services.
More to think about:

You may not have to pay additional monthly charges if you place your page on your current provider's network.   As we are not informed of limitations or service advantages provided by all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and, since many ISPs are in a very dynamic service and pricing mode; you should inquire about the following:
  • Be absolutely sure that YOU are the registered owner of your site's domain name.
  • Be a good web citizen!
    • No SPAM (unsolicited bulk email)
    • Be honest - Stand behind all products & services you offer
    • Read and respond to email, facebook, twitter, G+  and/or BLOG posts directed to you without delay.  Keep your responses clear and positive in nature.
  • What type of server is used and, especially, how is it connected to the Internet (High Speed Digital Technologies include ISDN, T1, DS3, OC3, etc.)?
  • How much space comes with your account? (personal sites are usually very limited here)
  • Does File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access come with your account?
  • Are "Forms", "Autoresponders" and "Counters" Supported? (CGI Programs)
  • Can you add or updated scripts within a "cgi-bin" directory?
  • How can your space be accessed? (by you or your agent or restricted to ISP personnel)
  • If you intend to do business, are there prohibitions on commerce on your page area?
  • If your's is a Business Page, are there any ISP sponsored or provided services that support "commerce" on the Internet?

A Web Design Process

Please view our "Suggested Considerations" for more information on our basic design processes.  Often, a formal agreement is not needed, however, it is important that our client customers clearly understand our processes.